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פרשת שבוע באנגלית

הרב עמיחי סכר

הרב עמיחי סכר

Masei- Negligence in Murder

In this shiur we’ll discuss the Arey Miqlat and their meaning.

Matot - The War Against Midyan

In this shiur we’ll evaluate the successful war against Midyan, while focusing on the role of the leaders during and after the war.

Pinchas - Moshe’s Replacement

In this Shiur we’ll discuss Moshe’s request to appoint a replacement instead of himself as leader of Am Israel

Balak - Was Bilam Evil?

In this Shiur we’ll examine the way Chazal perceived Bilam, and try to understand their harshness towards him.

Chukat - From Passive to Active

In this shiur we’ll examine Am Israel’s growth over the course of the Parasha.

BeHalotecha - The Sudden Change in Sefer Bemidbar

In this Shiur we'll disucss the passage about the Ark leading the war, and explain why we don't find that kind of war occuring

Naso - The Mincha of the Sota

.In this Shiur we’ll examine the special sacrifice the Sora offers, and debate what it’s goal is

Bemidbar - The Counting of Am Israel

In this shiur we’ll examine the circumstances on which counting is allowed and when it is a sin

10 דקות של עיו - "
פרשת שבע -הרב סבתו
פלייליסט פסח
והגדת לבנך
הגדה של פסח - הרב ליפשיץ
שמיטה בקצרה - הרב אבינר

פרשת שבוע באנגלית
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